Saturday, May 4, 2019

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties - Essay ExampleGeneral opinions are that just as bulwark was ineffective through rebellion, so is likely to be the case with prohibiting social occasion of much(prenominal) recreational drugs as the hemp. The exercise of imposition of such an amendment is definitely much high and this would caution ratification for the impending likeliness of inefficiencies as people would reason thus supporting the legitimation of the same. Among pointed emerge arguments in support to the legalisation of these recreational drugs is change magnitude government income through tax and the likelihood of controlling drug ab design. Reasons against the success of the restraint revolve around the likelihood of the ban to lead to increased drug ab intention besides heightened crime, as was the case with the 18th amendment. There have been heated debates within the US in support of or against legalization of such drugs as marijuana, which are considered recreational. According to Swift, 7the support to legalization of Marijuana has increased advantageously to double since 1970. The boost to the increase in acceptance comes with the flexibility exhibited by the current administration to a lower place president Obama who shows high flexibility on the topic. Swift points out the increased acceptance in the use of marijuana for medical reasons as a reason enough to support the benefits that would be derived in the legalized use of the same. However, he also points to the shortcomings that are pointed out from the medical perspective in increased use of the same. It is argued that increased use of marijuana has the potential of increasing health problems such as through respiratory complications, warehousing problems and increase in heart rate. These are arguments that would be raised to counter the presumed benefits that would be derived from the legalization (Swift, check bit 1-6). It is worth noting that marijuana is currently a prohibited dru g within US under national law though recent roleplays have seen increased legalization of the drug among member states, a move that the Obama government appear to support. For instance, Washington as well as Colorado had voters approve the legalization of such drugs in November last year through referendums. Other states are already in the record of decriminalizing the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and allow the public to be found in possession of small quantities of the substance. However, in that location are still rising concerns among medical specialists on the associated health drawbacks that result from the uncontrolled use of marijuana as a recreational drug (South Atlantic news agency, 2013, para 1-5). This are arguments that contradicts the arguments advanced by supporters of the legalized use of these drugs who argue that marijuana, for instance, has been in use for therapeutic purposes long enough and has accompanying benefits. This therefore points out to t he existing tags between supporters who would advance reasons to favor legalization of such recreational drugs and their counterparts who advance support against legalization of the same. In my opinion, I would consider legalization of recreational drugs as an appropriate step within the newfangled world as it concerns US. This is because prohibition has potential of resulting to increased crime in black market trading operations involving drug

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